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THE CARVRE SEVEN DIFFERENCE C7 members are offered unparalleled tools to enhance their individual business.We understand and appreciate the entrepreneurial spirit. Members are able to take advantage of any of the many benefits available to C7 members


Expanded Networking by building business relationships with other CARVRE SEVEN members. With industry leaders, specialists and other members from numerous markets and countries, CARVRE SEVEN will open doors to new business opportunities, yet also create a platform to maintain your existing relationships.

Our Networking Conferences are unique and we highly recommend reading up on why our C7C/CARVRE SEVEN CONVENTIONS stand out over other industry events.

When working with a CARVRE SEVEN member you are financially protected under the CARVRE SEVEN RPM-Fund (Revenue Protection Management).

Not only at the time of applying for membership, but also during the course of membership will members be screened through a financial check-up. CARVRE SEVEN members should be in a financially healthy position. During the process of a shipment transaction an operator should not have to think about the financial aspect of the respective transaction.

  • Members will be able to take advantage of the GLOPAY (TM) payment tool, creating substantial savings over using the traditional banking/exchange institutions. No-cost transfer of funds between enrolled members that show immediate receipt will allow for transparency for those critical transactions.
  • Expand your business IQ, by connecting with our various partner programs. From industry leading insurance to Technology and air/ocean carrier connections.
  • State of the art conference scheduler for a smooth and successful participation in our C7Convention.
  • Access to our Member board for advise, guidance, feedback or simple networking requests.
  • As an official CARVRE SEVEN member your registration fee to the C7 CONVENTION is reduced over VISITORS.
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